Tempted as we are to tell you otherwise, the Dead Sea mud masks side effects aren’t all butterflies, glowing skin, and rainbows. Before we go any further, however, we must establish this truth – the slipping odds are truly nothing compared to the potential benefits. And under ideal circumstances, they may even be avoidable.

Given its extensively rich composition, it is no surprise that Dead Sea mud masks do not fare well on certain skin types. Generally, pre-packaged options leave a note of warning of potential hazards if any, however, if you are going to be mixing the mask yourself, it leaves you with the arduous task of determining whether or not you home-made mask is safe for your skin.

Skin-Patch Test

As with every other beauty product, it is advised that you conduct a skin-patch test before jumping into an elaborate use of any product. With the Dead skin mud mask, simply apply as instructed to a small, inconspicuous area of your skin and observe any reactions. If you experience any more than a mild tingling sensation, it might be a hint that your skin is far too sensitive for the mud mask in which case you may either choose to fortify your skin with a more thorough pre-conditioning process or simply skimp out on the mud – no doubt, you’ll be missing out, but we are die-hard advocates of the life maxim; you are better safe than sorry. Here, you can find detailed reviews of our favorite products to start with.

What are the Dead Sea Mud Side Effects?

As we have already established, there aren’t too many Dead Sea mud mask side effects to fear; that is, if you are doing the right thing, and your skin is capable of taking a beneficially brutal organic punch. However, here are a few ways things can go wrong:

It Can Burn/Irritate Skin

As earlier mentioned, sensitive skin may not take kindly to Dead Sea mud masks; especially if they are home-made with no means of establishing concentration and other factors. However, it may also burn or irritate skin if; left in too long or used too frequently especially since it is notorious for softening skin significantly.

Dead Sea mud masks should be left in for approximately 7 to 30 minutes (depending on skin type and the thickness of the mud coat). Masks must not exceed 30 minutes whatever the case. In the case of a burn, rinse off quickly and visit the E.R if needed.

If Ingested Internally, It Could Have Life-threatening Implications

We cannot emphasize this enough; ingesting Dead Sea mud is bound to have lethal implications. As a matter of fact, virtually from the Dead Sea is ingestible, much less its mud. This also implies that if your mask escapes into your eyes, ears or any other opening, it could have disastrous consequences.

Because of the mud’s salinity, it is generally considered unsafe. As such, if you mask slips into your eye, ear or through compromised skin, rinse out with water immediately and thoroughly.  Visit the doctor if there are subsequent reactions of note.

Sadly, It Doesn’t Quite End There. Here Are A few Other Slipping Odds;

It doesn’t Particularly Smell Great

One of the downsides of all-natural beauty solutions like the Dead Sea mud mask is the fact that nature isn’t too keen on fragrances. Sure, roses are great and lilies are a masterpiece but mud is well essentially dirt, thus leaving it at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to scents

Thankfully, this only poses a small inconvenience since there are usually added ingredients with fragrances that make up for what is lacking. So while it might retain its mildly earthy smell, your olfactory senses will likely be distracted by the other scents. No harm, no foul.

The Color Might Be A Little Off-Putting

Facial masks are generally weird looking. However, it doesn’t help must that the Dead Sea mud mask has a close semblance to sewage, bowel movement, mud…

Of course…it is mud.

Let’s just say that you’ll have a lot of mental psyching to do; especially if you have a weak stomach that is easily upset by the sight of goo. On the upswing, it works miracles (or close) and it doesn’t smell too badly (thanks to its many scented accompaniments). If you are expecting guests over, or you’ll be in the company of other (un-masked) people, it is much safer to postpone your gratification. You may have a hard time explaining to people why you have dirt on your face; beauty routine or not.

…But the Great Dead Sea Mud Side Effects Outweigh Its Downsides

Thankfully, it is not all bad. So, in considering the Dead Sea mud side effects, you must ask yourself – is it worth all this trouble for impeccable skin? But if you must know what we think; as long as no one is getting hurt, we have no objections.

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