It feels like beauty routines have evolved from the placid, perfume-filled process it once was to some aggressively smutty ritual that employs everything in plain sight. In the last few years we have gone from face-masks to DIY kitchen savers, and now charcoal and mud. Given the reputation of the Dead Sea Mud Masks as a miracle working-wonder, we have to wonder; is this Dead Sea mud mask worth getting a little dirty for? Or are we all just friggin’ nuts?!

Let’s find out!

Just in case you skipped out on Geography, here’s the 4-1-1 on how using Dead Sea mud mask for acne first began;

Somewhere tucked within the bustle of Israel and serenity of Jordan is a small body of water that is notorious for being Endorheic; i.e. doesn’t allow the outflow of its water to other water bodies…sounds pretty selfish, right?

Well, the Dead Sea’s selfishness pays off in a currency of high salinity and rare minerals. The combination of high levels of sodium, phosphates and several other minerals made it gain popularity among people with skin and even heart conditions, such that even Cleopatra and Queen Sheba each took a swing at it in their day. And, if it is good enough for the World’s most powerful females, you best believe it is good for you.

Why You Should Use Dead Sea Mud Mask for Acne

Acne is no respecter of persons; it might be popular among adolescents, but it certainly doesn’t give adults with oily or sensitive skin a break. Using Dead skin mud mask for acne is perhaps the most fool-proof way to get rid of those pesky bumps and bruises; and since it is all natural, this cure comes without the downside of left-over chemical residue and possible skin reactions.

Here’s how the Dead Sea mud mask works all its acne-eliminating magic:

1. It Increases Magnesium Levels:

As we have already established, the Dead Sea is a complex composition of salts and minerals, one of which includes magnesium. Magnesium is effective against acne for its role in improving immune function, relaxing muscles and tackling stress levels as well as anxiety. That’s right, acne and other breakouts can be linked to improper immune function and stress! Do you want smoother skin? Simply stock up on your magnesium, and try to relax.

Okay, we’ll admit, relaxing is much harder than the alternative; which is, slapping on a coat of Dead sea mud mask every other day of the week and letting the magnesium work its magic.

2. Exfoliates & Absorbs Dirt:

Exfoliation is not new to beauty-trend aficionados, from silica to salt and other generally grainy substances, it seems like the rough substances have incredible effects on the skin – so, it is no wonder the Dead Sea Mud Mask joins the league of exfoliating substances.  But the Dead Sea Mud Mask goes even further by absorbing accumulated facial dirt before being removed. This dirt is often a culmination of chemical residue from beauty products, dust, soot and grime caused by the eerie blend of sweat and filth. While it might sound strange that mud evacuates dirt, it is a proven fact that Dead Sea mud masks are quite effective. And by eliminating facial dirt, it strengthens your skin’s defense against breakouts and sores. Talk about fighting fire with fire.

3. It Shrinks Your Skin Pores:

If you are wondering how dirt gets attached to the skin in the first place, then you are in great company.

Normally, filth from skin exposure should just rest on the skin and be washed off during baths or showers – voiding the need for exfoliates like the Dead skin mud mask. However, due to a variety of factors (including genetics, weight, and diet), skin pores could become enlarged, putting the skin at risk of getting clogged with grime and other acne simulating substances.

The Dead skin mud mask utilizes its rich potassium and magnesium content to shrink pores, which in turn reduce the likely-hood of irritants getting trapped in your follicles, thus leading to acne.

Shrunken pores also decrease the appearance of oil (in oily skin), ultimately slowing the aging process.

4. Smoothens Out Scars:

So, imagine the deed has been done; you have suffered acne and it has left a torrent of souvenirs on your face – what do you do?

Well, using the Dead Sea mud mask for acne does a world of good. Other than tackling the current culprits it also takes care of scars and bruising by eliminating dead skin layers that often leave their stamp of lodgment long after they are gone. This ultimately helps to even skin tone, smoothen out creases and even leave you with a child-like glow. And if we are being honest, there is nothing quite like having skin that is as silky-smooth as a baby’s derrière; that is, basically, the dream.

5. Its Au Naturel:

That’s right – it’s a plain organically sourced acne solution with no ingredients hidden in fine-print. It is essentially naked if you must say. And other than solving the acne problem, the Dead Sea mud mask has a slew of other benefits. I mean, what’s not to love?

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