Learn all you want about the many wonders of this goopy beauty elixir but if you don’t know how to use the Dead Sea mud mask, you may very well be oblivious to all its abilities. Believe it or not, this mastering how to use the dead sea mud mask might set you back a few years – you thought you were done playing in the mud? Well, think again…

Sourcing the Dead Sea Mud Mask

You may choose to obtain your Dead Sea mud masks through a variety of means; you may choose to opt for store-bought options and simply go ahead and follow the manufacturer’s instruction for application. Otherwise, you could make a home-made version. This might be a little more time consuming but will certainly guarantee that you are in control of what goes into the mask and onto your body subsequently.

Facial Dead Sea Mud Mask

If you are not choosing to buy your mask and you would rather make one, the process is entirely simple and may take 30 minutes or less.

Simply add 1 tablespoon of Dead Sea mud to myrrh essential oil, Rose essential oil and Frankincense. Mix the combination with oil or warm water, making a smooth paste. Use once a week, and preferably mix these ingredients just before use.

Or if you are the one to save time you can simply choose one of the mud masks we have picked for you by following the link below:

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Dead Sea Mud Mask For The Whole Body

The rules for making a Dead Sea mud mask for the face and the body are quite similar to that of the facial masks. Application of the mask, however, might be a tad different. Also, you might want to top off that Myrrh essential oil; your body will certainly be grateful you did.

How to Use Dead Sea Mud Mask

…Eager to jump right in? Well, here’s how to get your mask on

Prepare Your Skin:

Begin by washing your face or distress point with water. This should help cleanse your skin and prepare your pores to be open. Washing removes makeup and grime that may form a barrier when skin pores are open.

Proceed to put a warm, damp washcloth on your face or skin for between 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat at frequent intervals, until the cloth is considerably cold; this should help to open your skin pores and prepare your skin to absorb the many nutrients of the mask.


If you are using a home-made mix, this is a great time to actually do the mixing; otherwise, so right ahead to moisturize your skin with a few drops of olive or coconut oil, giving special attention to areas which are sensitive around your eyes (if the mud mask is for your face). For coarser body parts, you may choose to skip this part to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the process. However, this will help to protect your skin, and for delicate areas on your face and otherwise, you are better safe than sorry.


Using your fingers, apply the mud in small batches and in rubbing motions all over your face – ensuring that it is kept thin, and evenly spread. Extend towards your chin and underneath your jaw, but avoid the eyes and other sensitive openings around the ear.

For areas other than the face, you might need to massage with your fingertips to ensure that the sore joints and muscles absorb the mud properly. It is also not a great idea to let it come in contact with your clothes or furniture – your skin might take kindly to it, but your cushion won’t.


This is a great time to read something, take a nap or just enjoy some music. Unlike a few other masks, however, the Dead Sea mud mask shouldn’t be left in for longer than 20 or 30 minutes because of its concentration and volatility.

The mask doesn’t have to become fully dry before removal. However, if at any point you experience pain, over-the-top tingling or burning, do not hesitate to rinse it right off. You might experience some mild tingling, but unlike the popular beauty maxim, ‘beauty hurts’ this shouldn’t.


Once your waiting time elapses, use warm water to rinse the mask off your face until you are back to your mud-free self. Dry the skin by patting mildly rather than scrubbing off, you will notice an immediate softness about your skin and an improved elasticity, even after one treatment. Your muscles and joints will likely become limber almost as quickly. Whatever the case, if you don’t see immediate results, it is always a great idea to keep at it until you do.

Post-Mask Condition

Moisturize your face/skin with some coconut or olive oil. A great alternative is a dead sea moisturizer which you can find pre-packed in any beauty store. Also, ensure that you stay hydrated and hasten the detoxification process.

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