Admit it.  Your shower is overflowing with a slew of body-wash options because everything stops when you hear the phrase “this is one of the best body washes…”

No, we don’t have anything against those fly-by-night ‘cosmetic consultants’ that roam mall parking lots. And we stand by the philosophy that skin care products mustn’t be expensive to be amazing.

But we really feel bad for your cramped bathroom, your pocket and your skin…which has probably become an inadvertent lab-rat.

Choosing the Best Body Washes

Trust us, the road to affirming (by trial) if what you have bought is indeed “one of the best body washes” is a slow unwinding disappointment. It is flanked by jam-packed bathrooms and empty wallets. And unless you want to risk crashing into severe skin damage, we recommend that you leave the maneuvering to the experts.

We have assembled a list of the best body washes you’re likely to find in the market.

Fine, you’ve probably heard that a thousand times over. But after sifting through the good, the bad and the ‘absolutely-not’ options available, we are pretty confident that our outline of the best body washes will leave you excitedly looking forward to bath time.

The only disappointment you’ll face with our best body washes is not being able to use them more than thrice daily.

…Just kidding.

Two baths a day is more than enough.

Our Top Picks of The Best Body Washes

St Ives Radiant Skin Body Wash

St. Ives radiant skin body wash

Don’t you just love a body wash that packs a punch?

…Something that can both lather up your squishy loofah and still exfoliate your skin with its, grainy yet zesty feel?

Well, St Ives seems to have the 4-1-1 on making body washes that knock the competition out of the water. And their St Ives Radiant Skin Body Wash only gives credence to this fact.

Let’s start with the fact that is baby is a fine blend of pink lemon and mandarin orange; I mean, there’s nothing that will leave you as invigorated as a citrus scrub, so imagining getting one with every. Single. bath.

The thought makes you want to say ‘ahhhh!’ Doesn’t it?

For under $20, this 13.4 ounce bottle of bath wash will provide you a daily, dermatologist tested, paraben free bath experience that will rid your skin of dullness, enrich it with Vitamin C for that youthful, sprung-up look and leave your entire body moisturized and evenly toned.

Come on, everyone knows that when life hands you lemons, you make a bath wash and lather up in style. No kidding, give this a whirl.

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 Olay Daily Moisture with Almond Milk

Olay daily moisture body wash

If you prefer a gentler approach to skin-care, then you should probably know that you can’t get any gentler than almond milk. And this  Daily Moisture with Almond Milk by Olay is a featherweight formula with a tender touch and a silky feel.

And you have to admit, there’s nothing like a body wash that locks in moisture without feeling like an entire coat of heat-generating grease. It’s safe to say, Olay really knows how to make skin happy…

This bath wash is formulated using a lock-in-moisture technology that retains the original creamy almond milk fragrance and infuses moisture making it an excellent option for dry skin. To top things off, it gently exfoliates skin, which is unusual for milk-based products but pretty, impressive. So, for under $35, you get a 22 oz product that provides exfoliation, cleansing, hydration and may eliminate the need for lotion? Well, if this isn’t a good deal…

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ArtNaturals Essential Body and Foot Wash

Artnaturals body and foot wash

Eucalyptus oil, tea tree, and peppermint….all the ingredients that will heal, soothe and deodorize in one bottle.

What possible argument could there be against this bad-boy?

First off, we are intrigued by the fact that this ArtNaturals Essential Body and Foot Wash is an anti-fungal formula that doesn’t stink or hurt like crazy.

Anti-fungal treatments are typically known for being pretty brutal, but not this guy. It combines oregano, peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus in a highly effective formula that also contains aloe vera extract, coconut oil and jojoba oil to battle germs and moisturize skin in one fell swoop.

Say goodbye to pesky skin infections, and fungal inflammation. Bid psoriasis and athlete’s foot adieu. Not only is your skin left invigorated, hydrated and disinfected, it is also left barricaded from possible infestation – that’s right, this wash goes over and beyond. And to sweeten the deal, the fragrance of this wash is nothing short of elegant.

And just in case you’re wondering, this wash may be tough on germs but it is absolutely gentle on your skin; no need to fret about possible irritation.

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Everyone 3-in-1 Soap (Coconut + Lemon)

Everyone soap with plant extracts and pure essential oils

Okay, maybe ‘Every-one soap’ isn’t the best attempt at naming a body wash that you’d expect to be a popular favorite. But, at least, it lives up to its name.

That’s right, the ‘everyone’ soap is for anyone who wants a luxurious bath without the complexities of an overtly scented, multi-ingredient soap. It simply lathers, cleanses and moisturizes. We can pretty much call it the ‘no-drama’ body wash.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this bath wash. It comprises a slew of skin soothing ingredients including coconut, lemon and a variety of essential oils and plant extracts. From tea to aloe vera and chamomile this formula is bursting with skin-care nutrients; but here’s the real kicker – this wash makes an excellent bubble bath as well as a shampoo.

No, it’s not every day that you find a formula that gives you the convenience of three separate products for less than $20. And with its GMO-free and cruelty-free manufacturing, you can be rest assured that every last drop of this wash/bubble bath/shampoo is a gift from nature herself. No fine print texts or terms and conditions.

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OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Body Wash

Coconut miracle oil body wash

You probably know by now that the solution to virtually every problem is coconut oil.

Okay, sure…it can’t end world hunger (at least not directly) and may not exactly guarantee world peace. But even you have to admit that silky soft skin makes everything a little bit better. So, we stand by the premise; coconut oil solves (almost) every problem.

OGX seems to share similar views on the subject; this coconut miracle oil body wash is essentially a miracle in a bottle.

This wash combines the moisturizing richness of coconut oil as well as vanilla bean extract to form a rich, nourishing, tropical blend free of dehydrating sulfates and parabens. Surprisingly, the winning quality isn’t its silky smooth feel or its gentle cleansing, it is its rich romantic scent that leaves users just a tad enthralled. I mean, what do you get when you combine coconut and vanilla? Heaven, that’s what. And this bath wash basically brings heaven to you.

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Puracy Natural Body Wash

Puracy natural body wash

Speaking of heavenly experiences, there is nothing quite like a citrus-based skin product. And there is nothing like the soothing grains of sea-salt gently cresting over your skin, exfoliating every last inch of it. Separately, sea salt and citrus work wonders in skin care. But join them together and you have pure, undiluted bliss.

The Puracy Natural Body Wash was developed by doctors; this explains its ‘near perfect’ composition that comprises, citrus, sea salt, natural fragrances, and preservatives. It does an exquisite job of cleansing and purifying while its added clinical-grade hydrating agents moisturizes skin leaving it clear, with a youthful glow and a child-like consistency.

Suffices to say, it is free of harsh, dilapidating chemicals that would otherwise damage skin. Seeing as it is actually formulated by doctors, we dare say it is safe for just about anyone at all.

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Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture

Dove deep moisture nourishing body wash

As a cosmetic brand ‘Dove’ has earned its hype. It truly feels as though they are constantly working to out-do themselves. From lotions to moisturizers, soaps and body washes, these skin-care fanatics are essentially dominating the market in recent times.

The Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture uses the signature NurtiumMoisture technology in delivering top-of-the-line skin-care nutrients which cleanses and moisturizes. But it doesn’t quite end there; this wash guarantees tangible changes after one wash, with the sulfate free formula working to ensure that your skin is not stripped of essential nutrients and the sunflower seed and soybean oil gently working from the outside in, to ensure that supple, youthful skin that has sufficient protection from exposure and aging.

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Skincare is serious business. It shouldn’t be left at the mercy of your limited knowledge, or the profit eager skin-products merchants who are more eager to earn a quick buck than to make some real, significant impact. Our list of the best body washes is guaranteed to have something with your name on it, no doubt, but feel free to delve further before making a final decision.

We can tell you this much though – your research will likely lead you back to some of our options. Whatever the case, remember that your skin should be treated with sufficient regard since you pretty much can’t get rid of it anyway. That’s right, do not treat your car better than you treat your skin.

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